This site provides several online tools, thery are completely free to use(you don't have to download any software for such tasks), and also they are safe and secure(All communications with our servers are made through secure SSL encrypted connections (https), all data (including uploaded files) are processed in memory, nothing is stored permanently in the server.)

  • Python Decompiler

    This tool can help you translate/decompile/uncompile/convert python bytecode back into equivalent python source code, aka: python decompiler, python uncompiler, pyc to py converter, pyc viewer. The generated source is very readable with highlight.

  • QRcode Generator

    This tool can help you generate qr code from some data.

  • Base64 Image Encoder

    This tool can help you encode an image using Base64. You can use the base64 encoded string as the src value of <img> lable, or the background/background-image value of css style.

  • Base64 Image Decoder

    This tool can help you decode an image from Base64 encoded string. You can use this tool to validate your base64 encoded image string.

  • Base64 Encoder&Decoder

    This tool can help you encode a string using Base64, or decode a Base64 encoded string.

  • URL Encoder&Decoder

    This tool can help you encode an url by replacing special characters using the %xx escape, or decode from it.